viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

reading so much related bibliography 
cancer survivor's testimonies and experiences
(even own experience),
a few tips for total healing 
or suffer a setback (relapse) 
of this disease:

- Total elimination or radical reduction of  stress

- Constant and periodical medical check-ups

(even with no symptoms) 

- Ingestion of fruits - before eating anything - 
(such as extract of pure lemon, soursop, 
three pineapples daily, bananas, papayas, 
kiwis, nonis, etc.) The bromelain that they contain 
destroys the cancer protein layer

- Ingestion of  vegetables (preferably broccoli, 
cauliflower, beetroot, etc.)

- Ingestion of tomatoes, 
better if cooked because it releases lycopene

- Ingestion of aloe (juice or natural)

- Ingestion of Shitake mushrooms 
(in soups or as a whole)

- Ingestion of a lot of water, preferably alkaline
throughout the day 
(before eating anything)
or other liquids
(at least, 2 liters or 8 glasses)

Exercises, outdoors activity
(green parks, beach, mountain),
to get rid of toxic radicals

- Elimination or reduction of  animal proteins
( beef, dairies - milk, cheese, butter -, cold meats, etc.);
Preferably to drink almond milk and dairy free products

- Elimination or radical reduction of gluten products ingestion
(flour, bread, cakes, etc.);
preferably ingest gluten free and integral products

- No canned food

(because of the preservatives)

- Elimination or radical reduction of sugar (glucose), candies
(preferably use other natural sweetener, as Stevia and Nevella) 

- Elimination or radical reduction of chemical products
(shampoos, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.)
Preferably use organic or natural products

- Raise the immunological system
(natural body defenses) 

- Social interaction

(and hobbies)

-  Cigarretes are forbidden
(neither being secondary smoker)

- No alcohol

- Positive attitude,  spirituality
(avoid negative people);
Trust in God
(or whataever you believe)
(also faith in yourself)


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